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Connecting kids with Christ, others, and themself

We've Changed!

From the beginning, adding another non-profit to the world was never the goal or dream - although it became a challenge to partner and do both camp programs (Kenya and the Keys), the result being the birth of Camp Connection in 2021.


An opportunity came last September to join an existing organization: Ends of the Earth Adventures!

The next 6 months are a transition fully over to Ends, including this website.

Ends of the Earth camping is under a larger ministry called Ends of the Earth Adventures (Ends), an active group of humans committed to impacting youth globally through different outdoor and sports activities (cycling, hiking, fishing, and now camping!) Ends of the Earth adventures is a ministry under New International (NI), a large mission sending agency that has 200+ missionaries serving around the world. They provide the 501(c)3 (so now all your donations are finally tax deductible!!), along with so much support and encouragement through personal and professional development, access to media, interns, and all sorts of other resources.

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Giving underprivileged, at-risk youth opportunities to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially through camp adventures globally

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