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Camp Recaps

Peek into some pictures, testimonials, and adventures of camp

Camp Connection - Kenya launched in April 2022. A 3-day camp program took place 

Day 1:

Ice breakers

Water activities

Moonlight Walk

Praise/Worship & Speaker

Day 2:

Morning Devotions: Made in the image of God


Waterfall Plunge

Team building Games


Praise/Worship & Speaker


Day 3:

Morning Devotions: Identity in Christ

Kayaks & Ghekos

Group birthday celebration

Final goodbyes


“In this place I have come to know a bunch of things and healed my inner wounds. I have come to know how to do things I have never done. I learned and noticed that I am capable of swimming. It was only fear that was in me but now it was out of me and now I am courageous”

“I learned I can do anything through faith. I am a courageous girl. I learned how to face my fears. Nothing that I can’t do through Christ who strengthens me”

“That three day I no who is God and is the one who hear my prayer and then is the one who help me for the bad situation and a good situation and is the one see my heart”

“This is my first time to have an adventure in my whole life am so excited and it is very good to be in a place like here”

“I learned I could overcome my heart and do things that I was not thinking I would have done (jumping down the waterfalls)”

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