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Meet the Team

Connecting kids with Christ, others, and themself


Meet the founder

What do you do with a resume that includes speaking swahili, living on a boat, and a heart for kids? Start a global summer camp program!


Erin loves anything full of adventure and the great outdoors. She's constantly trying to push herself out of her comfort zone and loves helping others do the same. Catch her barefoot and excited about something

Our partners



From left to right:

Edith, the director of CTDT, a true visionary

Erin, founder of Camp Connection

Stella, an artist by trade, oversees many events and programs for the girls

Teresa, shelter manager 


This group of ladies radiates selflessness to the maximum. They’re always thinking about how to enhance the girl’s experience and try new things. 


This dream team couple is the passion and brains behind Camp Rapids. Their love for others and for Jesus is contagious!

Florida Keys

Coming soon!

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