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Connecting kids with Christ, others, and themself

Q: Why summer camps?

A: Have you ever been to a camp as a child? It's truly life changing. One child psychologist put it best saying "One week of summer camp does more than 1 year of therapy for a child" Additionally, A 2005 study of 80 camps by the American Camp Association (ACA) found significant growth in children’s social-emotional skills after a session of summer camp. Camp staff, parents, and children reported increases in children’s self-esteem, independence, leadership, friendship skills, social comfort, and values and decision-making skills, from the beginning to the end of a session 

Q: Who is considered an at-risk youth?

A: The definition for at-risk youth are abundant and varied. Camp Connection works to partner with existing organizations in the area to find participants for the program. This allows to better understand and narrow the wide scope of ‘at-risk’. 



Q: Will you target the same “at-risk” youth in both countries?

A: The participants at Camp Connection - Kenya have experienced sexual-gender based violence, human trafficking, or slave labor because of who we partnered with. We are still identifying 

Q: Are your camps co-ed?

A: For now, both camps are all girls. As the programs grow, this will be an area that is expanded to allow opportunities to both boys and girls



Q: Are the campers going to Camp Connection-Kenya Kenyan? What about Camp Connection - Florida Keys?

A: Participants are local at both camps. Camp Connection - Kenya will be attended by Kenyans and Camp Connection - Florida Keys will be attended by youth in south Florida



Q: Can I come to Kenya and help with camp? Can I help in the Keys?
A: Not yet! But that is in the works. If you are interested, message us so we can get you information in the future

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